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The purpose of The Irish Tillage Consultants Association is to provide a forum for discussion between members and as a source of input from expert external sources to the members. The primary aim of the association is to improve the knowledge of each member so this enhanced knowledge can be transferred to customers and their respective businesses. The topics of discussion are focused around the main cereal crops grown in Ireland. For each meeting, topics selected for discussion are based on the time of year and the most pertinent upcoming decisions to be made.


Crop Advisory:

The Irish Tillage Consultants Association have a vast range of experience in crops grown, in Ireland. In addition, due to the knowledge base within the group, ITCA members can provide expertise on potatoes, vegetable and alternative crop production in Ireland.


Soil Analysis:

Whether its soil analysis or general soil management an ITCA consultant can help you make the right decision, conventional, min till, no till, low input or high input, ITCA can provide expertise to help you produce your crops profitably.


Nutrient Management:

Nutrient management plans


Environmental issues:


Environmental Plans:

REPS planning, sludge management, nutrient management planning, computer programmes, quality assurance schemes, business planning.


Expert witness / Legal / Insurance:

Expert witness is provided for personal accident and injury, crop failure, financial difficulties, faulty products, including damage arising from misuse of agricultural products, faulty recommendations, tillage crops that suffer damage either through poor quality seed, faulty fertilizer, or wrongful use of agricultural chemicals. Every case can be assessed by members of our group and clear instructions will be issued to clients/claimants and/or the legal profession as required.


Other services provided / Technical submissions:

Being the leading crop consultants / advisors in the country and with ongoing change in EU schemes – terms & conditions and rules & regulations, our opinions and submissions are often sought and welcome from various government agencies to aid formulation of policy.


Why hire ITCA members?

Specialist crop knowledge focussed on each individual grower’s requirements. No member of the Association supplies pesticide inputs, so any recommendation given is solely for the purpose of maximising monetary return from that crop.

Irish Tillage Consultants Association